Behemoth-class titan
Hit Points Base 350 ; average ~1100
Armour 4
Strength Infinite
Speed 2-6 knot
Weight Heavy
First Discovered Saturn 40
Special Traits Armoured, Flying, armed, boss.
Similar Species none

It bars the entry of Earth's army to Titan. It is flying, and in fact, the biggest flying titan that the Titan will use against you. It's also the first armed titan you encounter - it can use a laser that packs quite some punch but mercifully has a pretty short range.

It has quite some life, significantly more than preceding bosses, but with a rather weak 4 armor.

Laser is incredibly powerful against It. Avoid putting them on his direct path so you won't lose them, and use Reactors.

It gets much faster the closer to your base it is so take care of it quickly.