Type Add-On
Cost $250
Requires N/A
Leads To Capacitor (with Particle Physics)
Hitpoints 3
Effect +1 Turret Ammo

The Battery is an Add-On Building in Revenge of the Titans that increases the ammo capacity of all surrounding Turrets. The effect of Batteries is cumulative, each Battery near a turret will increase its ammo capacity by +1 (see Effectiveness for amounts).


Turret Base ammunition Capacity Increase per Battery Max ammunition
Blaster 10 +8 (+80%) 46
Heavy Blaster 8 +7 (+87,5%) 39
Multi-Blaster 20 +10 (+50%) 65
Blast Cannon 6 +6 (+100%) 33
Spreader Cannon 7 +5 (+71%) 29
Assault Cannon 6 +4 (+71%) 24
Rockets 5 +2 (+40%) 14
Laser 3 +1 (+33%) 8
Disruptor 5 +1 (+20%) 10


The battery increase the number of shot fired by a turret per minute, like the cooling tower, but create a less spiky rate of fire by diminushing the number of reload. Cooling tower are more efficient to improve the shot per minute, but a mix is best for performances. You may want to have mainly battery on your front turret (especially with aggressives titans) since when they shut down to reload, titans may accumulate and attack them.