Assault Cannon
Assault Cannon
Type Turret
Cost $1000
Requires ·Spreader Cannon

·Phase Amplifiers

Leads To None
Firerate 18-30/min
Damage 8x7
Armour Piercing 0
Ammo 6(+4/Battery)
Reload Time 20s(-2.5s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Stun Time 0.5s

The Assault Cannon is a Turret in Revenge of the Titans.

It has a long stun (0.5 secondes) and very high damage (up to 54 damage). It can both murder herds of unarmored titans and put a significient dent into lightly armored titans because of the high base damage of the pellets.

Like the spreader cannon, it launches 7 small projectiles in a cone, so usually this turret will not achieve its full damage potential against lone target. However, it is much more likely to hit moving targets.

Reactor will not increase damage from Assault Cannon. Nor would Xenobiology or Alien Anatomy. 8 damage per pellet is still enough to wound or kill lightly armored titan, however.

Assault Cannon turrets are significantly bigger than the regular turrets, making them harder to place.

Usually, you won't find them too useful before Saturn, but once there, they will be pretty useful against the hordes of high HP aggressives titans, especially Malus Rex.